aka wolfram beyer
was born in berlin,
germany in 1969.
growing up in the
rural, peaceful south
of the city, he went
to school, tried to
change society, fed
spiders, taught
budgies and learned
how to do the splits.
he started making
jewellery in 1997,
when he moved to
great britain. after
completing a degree
course in metalwork
and jewellery at
sheffield hallam
university, he moved
back to berlin,
where he now
shares a workshop
with freudama in
the rough but hip
east of berlin.

sodele sodele
home what
where who
sodele sodele

what else
is there to
say about
as the friendly,
humorous and
smart person he is,
sodele's got the
prospect of a
diamond-bright and
interesting future
ahead of him.

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