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dranne kugel

with it's name deriving from the german word for a ringnut,
the muttering provides a sterling silver platform for all kinds
of cheap massproduced elements, which can be screwed onto
the ring and which you can replace:
just choose from three different ballknobs/ black and dark red/
or two girl's and two boy's heads, which we have on offer.
see what they look like on the pictures above and below.
just as well you are welcome to bring your own favourite
plastic pieces and we'll provide it with a sterling silver worm
for you to put it on the ring.
according to the original, which is an industrial produced boating
item, the ring is quite weighty and can be bought for 158€
in it's basic form. the plastic things to sit on top will be 18€.


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dranne kugel

      a raw cast made from a wax model
      is left like it is, with a remainder
      of its sprue still attached. only the tip of
      the sprue is polished and shows a tiny
      laser engraving:
      a singing bird, a leaf, or a diamond.
      the aesthetics of the gravieslings lie
      in the contrast between the raw and
      the accuratly finished.
      but there is more to these rings:
      the bird and the leaf are where they
      belong: on a tree stump/ in the process
      of casting the waxes are attached to a
      so called "tree", so that many waxes can
      be cast at the same time/ and the
      diamond ring is freudama & sodele's
      answer to everybody who thinks a
      precious ring needs a precious stone.
      grab a graviesling for 158€.

dranne kugel

dranne kugel

dranne kugel   
this ring is a ball    
about to fall off.   
or a ball leaning    
against a ring. or just    
three sexy components:   
a ring, a screw, and    
a ball, attached    
to each other.   
whatever it is, it is    
beautiful and it will be    
yours for 158€.   

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