merkwürdiger anhänger
curious pendant

curious pendant

size and materials
the curious pendants measure approx.
36 x 36 x 7mm
and above you can see an
original size-ish version of it. they consist of
perspex, slide, aluminiumtube and resin.

the price
for a curious pendant with a rubbercord
and a clasp is 78€.

the images
in the beginning i just went out and took
photographs of everything and everywhere,
which resulted in one-offs or at most
two pendants sporting alike pictures.

four of those earlier ones you probably
might have seen on the pendants main page:
however_a huge number of the images
evolve around these subjects.
at the moment we work on a series of
images that are reproducable_
for distribution that is, but out of
anti-boredom and nostalgic reasons we will
put in some one-offs here and there.