has done an
apprenticeship as a
sign designer and maker.
she then studied media
and communications
consultancy at the
technical university
in berlin and is now
working as a
selfemployed designer
in freudama & sodele's
own shop and workshop
in berlin. it's called
'liike', which is
finnish for business
and/or movement.

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& sodele

is a collaboration
between ulrike sauer,
a designer and
and wolfram beyer,
a jewellery designer,
both born AND raised
in berlin_germany.

united by friendship
and a similar taste
in art and humour,
freudama & sodele
started out in
summer 1999. they
design and make
contemporary jewellery
as well as other
small objects, drawing
from both parties
different educational
backgrounds. one might
see their work as
mini art, as lovable
oddities or as roguish

home what where who


has trained as a
jeweller in london and
completed a three year
degree course in
metalwork and jewellery
at sheffield hallam
he is now working as
a jewellery designer
in freudama & sodele's
shop 'liike' in berlin.
they also took part in
the 2003 jewellery
'schmuckpreis schweiz'
and were on show
in the kornhaus bern_

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the schmuckpreis page: