aka ulrike sauer was
born in berlin, germany
in 1969. she grew
up (and still lives) in
neukölln, the smelly dustbin
of the city, where she
went to school, ruined
every technical
apparatus she owned,
learned every stupid
popsong of the
eighties by heart and
took photographs.
she joined sodele in
making jewellery in 1999,
when she felt the urge
to design a piece that she
would like to wear herself.
meanwhile she does all that
and more, whilst running
a shop with sodele
near berlin's most
important trainstation:
warschauer strasse.

freudama freudama
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freudama freudama

what else
is there to
say about
as the small, clever
and inventative person
she is, freudama's got
the prospect of a
richlayered and
productive future
ahead of her.

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