the fingerguests are pleasantly
wearable acrylic rings with
slide film images locked into them.
you may choose between
23 images available
at the moment.
you can get the singlesided ones
made to fit for 69euro.

if your creativity runs wild and
you feel the need for an own
image worked into it,
contact us by e_mail
and we'll be glad to help you
get your paws on your personalized
fingerguest for 25euro
on top
of the regular cost.

the acrylic range of rings
by freudama & sodele

white cube
sore spots
doublesided fingerguests
jack's jewellery

doublesided fingerguest

the white cube

the white cube
it reads:
i should be allowed to think
i should be allowed to think
i should be allowed to
blurt the merest idea
if by random whim
one occurs to me

only visible when you take it
off your finger this quote from a
they might be giants song
is scratched into the outside of
the ring and filled with black paint,
before it is covered with thin
acrylic sheets and sealed
with white paint.

buy it for 190euro.



shock shock horror horror shock shock!
both sides musn't meet!
two combinations are available:
shark vs. swimmer_see above
and wood vs. fire.
it's not enough to choose from?
then go all interactive with the


provide an image of you and
your loved one or an image of
you_your loved one AND
something written_a quote perhaps?
or a date? or other pictures to
your liking, and we'll scan it,
work on it and fit it into
your personalised ring.

the regular doublesided
fingerguest costs 118euro.
scanning, working on and
exposing an image provided by
will be calculated with
25euro extra per picture.

a special *lovebird package*
is available for 240euro
including two rings and working
on your pictures_words_numbers,
wrapping and sending it.

so go fall in love!

home what
where who

sore spot

they were brought into life
when our customers weren't
satisfied anymore with wearing
just ONE of our
firstborns at a time,
the firstborns beeing the
selfish lazy fingerguests.
so we invented the fingerfriend,
an acrylic ring, which you can
happily wear in dozens at a time.

the price will please your
purse: at only 38euro
you can choose between a lot
of clever or tongue-in-cheek
words in zillions of colours.

home what
where who
jack's jewellery
there's no picture yet

this time there is no slidefilm
image sandwiched between acrylic
material, but a layer of paint.
there is a mirrored saying inscribed
and it goes as follows:

all work and no play
makes jack a dull boy.

we believe it is a common
proverb, but it is most beautifully
staged in stanley kubrick's
the shining, where jack
nicholson writes it over and over
again on a sheet of paper
in his typewriter.

our wearable version of this
memorable line costs 98euro.


the sore spot
this ring is an irritation.
it keeps a small yellow spot with
a red centre hidden beneath it's
surface, something you might
want to rub away,
but it's useless trying.
the spot will remain and
it'll look different or sit someplace
else in each ring.

the price for this annoying piece
of jewellery
is 98euro.



may we introduce you to yet
another but altogether
more sohisticated version
of our favourite material combination:
acrylic and images on slidefilm.
this ring IS skinny!
the motivs just show from front
and back and always evolve around
the human body.
close to your skin you'll find
fibrin in action *pictured above*,
the stuff that stops bleeding,
and pure skin.

one of our flat stars will be
yours for 65euro.